why riverproject

The Amstel in Amsterdam

The yellow River in China

High Water , the IJSSel near Deventer

Brick factory at the Rijn in Gelderland

Papermills in Oregon City Oregon US

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Original this site was made for my photo’s, my thoughts and writings about rivers and water in general.

For years I have been fascinated by rivers, or rather more, by water.

Water freezes, water flows, water ripples.
Water is gray, brown, black, blue, turquoise
Water is orange when the sun shines
Water is pale yellow when the moon lightens on it’s surface
Water transports, water entertains
People live and work along the water or constructed waterways
They built fountains, aquaducts
We drink water, we boil our food in water
We wash (ourselves) with water

All life is at the mercy of water
Without water life can not exist
Let’s not poison the water
Let’s not pollute the water

Water is indispensable
Water is a lifeline.

Do you know the poem Dead water by Wen Yiduo. Read it here
Nowadays I still make a lot of pictures of rivers ocean and other waters. But also of other things as you can see in my portfolio