Beijing old and modern

Busy is the town Beijing, crowdy and the first days I felt like an illiterate. Luckily we had a guide the first days. Later on I learned to manage how to survive especially when you want to cross the streets. My hometown Amsterdam is a little village in comparison with the big city's in China.

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I left Beijing by train to travel to Ping Yoa and later to Xi’an

It is not about what I do
like every morning facebook asks
it’s what I want to do

I want to travel again by train
anonymous and relaxed in China
a bed to sleep
food from cardboard cups

the body is quickly accustomed
to the food of the stainless steel
food cart from the man in white coat

people many people who
I don’t understand
it is enough to share fruit and candy

and the joy about the children
seeing in gestures and loving eyes
that’s what I want

that feeling.